Frequently Asked Questions

What are your average tooling costs?

Due to the unique process, there are never any tooling costs associated with our product line. This saves you, the consumer, both time and money.

How does your system hold up to extreme temperatures?

The glue used is in the same family as those utilized in automobile construction and assembly today. Therefore, our packaging solutions can handle the same rigors of extreme temperature fluctuations handled by cars being produced today.

What are the weight limitations to your product, if any?

Extremely heavy parts present a problem with our traditional system depending on part orientation. However, a custom design can be established, within reason, to meet almost all of your weight requirements.

What if I want to do the install vs. Hanes?

All of our offerings require Hanes installation. The uniqueness of the system requires correct installation for proper part protection.

Can I get the glued system in a rack?

If your rack design is such that load bearing shelves exist, then a glued system can be utilized. For any other application, our non-glued systems are required.

What if I want to use my existing containers?

Hanes can work with your existing containers. Our requirement is removal of previous dunnage and general clean-up is performed prior to receipt.