Why Hanes

Hanes Packaging is a leading supplier of high performance products designed to meet your surface protection needs. With our primary focus of providing solutions, the Hanes team can custom design packaging tailored to your specific material handling requirements. As a division of Leggett and Platt, a global engineered products manufacturer, Hanes Packaging is positioned with benefits and resources to meet and service your market demands; both now and in the future. Of all of the product options available in the marketplace, Hanes Packaging is committed to protecting what’s most important....your success.

Proprietor of high performance divider materials

  • Improved part protection
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No tooling cost

  • Shorter lead time into prototype and full production
  • Product design flexibility

Thinner, more pliable material

  • More parts per container
  • More parts per truck
  • Fewer containers required per order
  • Fewer inbound and outbound shipments
  • Smaller warehouse footprint required for storage

In The Box/Pop-N-Drop Designs

  • SKU Consolidation
  • Storage and warehouse space savings

Total impact on your business

  • Logistical and operational savings
    • Fewer shipments required
    • Labor and space savings
  • Environmental impact
    • Less pollution
    • Recyclable products
  • Overall cost savings

Sentinel™ Solutions Calculator

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