Returnable Products

Customized solutions designed to maximize pack-out density while minimizing freight and handling charges.


Straight Cell

Standard design

Curved Cell

Take advantage of part shape for high density pack-out


Some parts just pack-out better in multiple directions


Perfect for left and right parts


Unique option to meet your line side requirements


Perfect for parts utilizing the full width of a tote


Center Split Collapsible

Dividers fixed at two ends, split in the center and draw closed, allowing bin to collapse

Side Fold Collapsible

Divider fixed on one end, draws closed, allowing bin to collapse

Two Sided Fixed Collapsible

Divider attached at two ends, allowing bin to collapse


Long Straight Cell

Standard design for your basic needs

Curved Cell

Utilize the curve of your parts to increase cell density

Dual Load

Take advantage of full depth of the rack by loading product from both sides

Slanted Cell

Angled cells allow gravity to help keep parts safely nested in your rack